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Want to scale your cleaning company but don't know what to do next?

5 Day of Training: Over £2000 of prizes!

Turn Your Cleaning Company Into A High Profit,
Low Stress Business That Run Without You

If your aspiration is to have a cleaning company that gives you and your family a great income, gives you lots of free time and isn’t dependent on you then you’re in the right place.

Simply put, we’ll help you to build a high profit, low stress cleaning company that can run without you.

That’s why we’re running the High Profit, Low Stress Challenge with 5 jam packed days of training to take you from winging it in your cleaning company to winning it.


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The 5 Clean Up Principles

Day 1: The secret to a high profit, low stress cleaning company

You’ll learn the secret to having a high profit, low stress cleaning company – you’ll learn the main reasons why most cleaning company owners NEVER have this and how to make it your reality.

Day 2: Cleaning company that runs without you

I know your goal – you want to maximise your income from your cleaning company while it needs you as little as possible. That way you have CHOICE over when you work and how much you work. We’ll teach you the framework for removing yourself completely from your cleaning company.

Day 3: The 4 Stages of Growth


From working with 500+ cleaning companies worldwide ranging from startups to international behemoths we’re consistently seen 4 stages of growth that EVERY cleaning company goes through. We’ll explain all 4 stages to you here and help you figure out which one you’re in right now!

Day 4: Software, systems & automation


You simply cannot have a high profit, low stress cleaning company that can run without you if you don’t embrace software, systems and automation. Sounds complex, right? We’ll be breaking it down making it simple and easy to understand.

Day 5: High Profit, Low Stress Masterclass


Now you’ve got all of this new information we need to put it all together, make sense of it and turn it into a STRATEGY. You’ll leave this Masterclass having a clear vision of what you need to do next and have a whole load of new skills that you can implement right away!

How Does It Work?

Most cleaning company owners start their cleaning company to have more time for the things that really matter – their family, their kids & to also have more money in the bank.

But is that the reality or are you working crazy hours, feeling directionless & wondering if it’s all worth it?

The vast majority of cleaning company owners feel like they’re totally winging it. They know they have a great service with happy clients but the actual running of the business? Not so confident.


Join The 5 Day Challenge: Grow Your Cleaning Business

Why Trust Jamie and Joe?

We’ve been exactly where you are now – feeling frustrated that you’re not growing as quickly as you should, concerned you’re making costly mistakes because you’ve never done this before and exhausted from working so many hours wishing you could regain the balance you and your family truly need.

At one point Gleem was in huge debt and Joe and I were working all of the hours under the sun just to keep it going. It wasn’t until we started building scalable systems that things began to turn around in a big way.

Gleem went from being a company on the verge of bankruptcy to the fastest growing cleaning company in the area. Now Joe works just 30 minutes per week on Gleem from his 7 bedroom house in Sri Lanka (yes, seriously).

Over the past 4 years we’ve worked with 500+ cleaning company owners from all over the world of all sizes; from just starting their journey to up to £5 million turnover per year to have a high profit, low stress cleaning company that can run without them.

The results speak for themselves – check them out below!

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Join The 5 Day Challenge: Grow Your Cleaning Business

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