Which Stage Of Growth Are You At?

How committed are you?

Think of it like this, a Personal Trainer at the gym could show
you the exercises, the rep ranges, the right form but the only
thing they couldn’t do is lift the weight for you.

It’s the exact same with the Clean Up Academy.

We can show you exactly what you need to do to have the
cleaning company that you always dreamed of but we can’t lift
the weight for you – only you can put in the hard work and
implement what we teach you.

The Clean Up Academy is proven to work if you follow the
steps – so the only question is, how committed are you to
reaching that vision that you have?


By now you’ll know if the Clean Up Academy feels like the right fit or not. But
sometimes, it sounds good on paper and then in reality it’s awful.
Even though the commitment is rolling and the lowest entry point is just £99,
we don’t believe that’s enough.
If at the end of 30 days in the Clean Up Academy you’re not getting the value
you thought you would then then simply tell us and we’ll refund you 100%.
No strings attached.
But that won’t happen – we know that you’ll come into the Clean Up Academy
and see that it’s exactly what you need to gave your dream cleaning company!
In addition, if you follow all of our advice, training and guidance and in 12
months time you still have to be on the tools doing regular cleans for the
business to run properly, we’ll give you a full refund on the CUA.
So, what have you got to lose?