Which Stage Of Growth Are You At?

Frequently Asked Questions

We moved away from have ‘Official Start Dates’ because it didn’t ever seem to work around people’s personal commitments.

Clean Up Academy is all about your personal journey so it’s ready for you to join when you are ready: with support, training and community waiting to help you grow! 

The purpose of the Clean Up Academy is to give you all of the tools and guidance you need to turn your cleaning company into the cleaning company that you dreamed of having when you first started.
Most people started their cleaning company to have a better quality of life – more free time, more time with your family, financial security, working fewer hours, having something to be proud of.
But many cleaning company owners begin to move further and further away from that as they grow.
I’m here to get you back to that vision by teaching you how to systemise your cleaning company so it can work for you.

Then you can decide how much you want to work, you can decide what you want your life to look all from having a cleaning company that serves you, not the other way around.

We designed the Training Courses around the stages of business growth we belive companies mature through.

This formed 4 stages:




Step Back

If you’re interested in whihc dtage you’re currently in, just click here: 


ABSOLUTELY. As pat of the Clean Up Academy Membership We have a growing Library of Useful Documents:
-Employment contracts, self-employes agreements.
-Profit and true cost of employee calculators
-Checklists for all types of sites…
And we add more every month!

Yes you do!

Not only that, but we also constantly update the courses when new best practices and new regulations arrise. So you’ll always be up to speed

The Clean Up Academy is a monthly recurring membership with no contracts. At the end of each month you may decide that you’ve got enough to go with for now but most stick around as they can’t imagine running their business without the support and the community!

I’m counting on you needing support – and that’s exactly what I’m here.

You can’t send us too many messages; We thrive on being able to help you achieve your goals.

So rest assured, there is tonnes of support for you.

The membership also comes with:

Accountability sessions every week, access to the amazing private community of fellow Academy Members, unlimited 1:1 support with me, Growth Sessions AND your 90 Day Strategy Session. 

We are going to teach you what is absolutely vital to getting to growing your cleaning company on autopilot.

After 15 years in the cleaning industry from the bottom to the very top, countless 1:1 clients, 800+ in the Clean Up Network and 4000+ LinkedIn Network we’ve seen exactly what you MUST implement if you’re going to be successful in the cleaning industry.

Every single one of my clients has had a positive ROI from investing with me (some making back a 30x ROI within 3 months). If you implement all of the training in the Clean Up Academy and act on it consistently, we can all but guarantee that you will get a positive ROI as well so you can work less, earn more and grow your cleaning company all while having a life. 

Absolutely – for that we’ve got Clean Up Academy 1:1, which in addition to everything in the Clean Up Academy features monthly 1:1 coaching sessions too!

This is a great option for more established cleaning companies looking to systemise and drive their results to be even faster.