Which Stage Of Growth Are You At?

START: Get fully booked

£300 / month with a 7-day free trial

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In this training course, you will learn


✅ How to create the perfect business plan for your cleaning company

✅ How to assess competitors and find a gap in your market

✅ How to set up your company as a legal entity

✅ Free ways to generate high quality leads (including templates, guides)

✅ What cleaning equipment you need to get started

✅ Free software to use from the start

✅ How to price cleaning jobs

✅ How to interact with customers

✅ Best way to take payment from customers

✅ How to retain customers long term

✅ How to handle complaints

✅ The right cleaning business model for you

✅ Common bottlenecks and how to solve them

✅ Simple financial tracking for new business owners

✅ How to create the perfect cleaning company website

✅ Set up Google My Business

✅ Essential paperwork needed for solo cleaners

✅ Insurance for cleaners

✅ Selling for beginners to start closing great clients

✅ Credit control basics