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The 100% FREE Guide to Launching a Cleaning Business

Step by Step we’ll build a low stress, high profit company that scales on autopilot!

I'm Interested... But How Does It Work?

We’ve started many different businesses, scaled them, and sold them.

Along the way we realsied that we wish we could have avoided the mistakes we didn’t need to make, by having someone else guide us through the process…and then we found ourselves in the position to do that for other people!

We built the most comprehensive, step-by-step guide to launching a MODERN cleaning business we could, and we’ve made it completely FREE!

When you sign up, you’ll tackle ( with our support) the 30 steps you need to be totally ready to start selling.

The best thing about the course is: we’ve removed the time pressure! Meaning, no need to get nervous of being too busy and missing a day, to see your enthusiasm drop and launching your own cleaning business to stay as a dream of yours.

YOU stay on step 1 until YOU are ready to move onto step 2, and so on, and so on.

Together we’ll grow a cleaning business that makes you amazing profit every month but doesn’t dominate every waking moment of your life. 


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Okay, but do I really need your help to start?

You don’t need anything. We truly believe that you’ll figure it out on your own eventually.

If you want to spend literally years learning through trial and error and waste money then be our guest – you can carry on doing that for as long as you want.

The thing is, we’ve been there and honestly, we wish we’d had something like this back when we started.

The WHOLE POINT here is to give you what we never had.

We remember that feeling of being exhausted, stuck, confused and defeated. It’s horrible. We wouldn’t want our worst enemy to feel that way and we really don’t want you to feel that way.

So no, of course you don’t ‘need’ this; it’s just about what you WANT.

If you want to go it alone, work it out for yourself and in 10 years time have the satisfaction of knowing that you did it without any help, then don’t sign up!

But if you want to learn from people that have scaled to 7 figures per year and made every mistake imaginable along the way then it’s definitely for you.

Trust us, there’s nothing glamorous about spending hundreds of thousands of £ on making mistakes and thousands of hours feeling deflated.

Besides, how long can you really wait to have that quality of life that you really want? Wouldn’t you rather have it sooner than later and have more time enjoying life?

Need Extra Support to Grow?

The Community

Great cleaning isn’t enough - here you’ll ask and learn EVERYTHING there is to know about the BUSINESS side of your cleaning business

Detailed Resources

Templates, documents, guides, ‘done for you’ services. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. You’ll never feel stuck ever again

Learning Platform

The most complete cleaning company owner training on the planet all accessible 24/7, on demand in bite sized chunks so it’s easy to implement

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