Want to scale your cleaning company but don't know what to do next?

I'm Jamie

I’ve been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years starting as a cleaner in a nursing home and working my way up to being the Managing Director of Gleem in Bristol, UK. 

I’ve been working with cleaning companies as a coach and mentor since 2019. 

Since then I’ve worked with over 500 cleaning companies from all over the world – from start-ups through to cleaning companies turning over £5 million per year. 

The only thing I’ve got more experience in than cleaning is coaching. I’m an accredited coach that’s worked as a music tutor, sports coach and now business coach totalling over 20 years in coaching too – coaching is my passion.

It’s this combined cleaning and coaching experience that I’ve used with hundreds of cleaning companies to get genuinely life changing results, get them away from feeling directionless and stressed and instead have the kind of cleaning company that they dreamed about when they started.

Why Did You Start Your Cleaning Company?

I bet you started your cleaning company because you wanted things in your life to be different, right?

More time with your family, less time spent working, more money in the bank?

But now you’re working crazy hours, with less free time and now making less money than you know you deserve.

We want to help you build a high profit, low stress cleaning company that can run without you.

The kind you dreamed of when you started – the kind we’ve been able to build ourselves. 

So check out our programmes and if you want to map out a bespoke strategy for your cleaning company then simply click the button below and book in your free strategy session.