Want to scale your cleaning company but don't know what to do next?

Want a cleaning company that generates £4,000+ net profit per month while you do ZERO cleaning yourself?

(100% money back guarantee)

Running a small cleaning company isn’t easy.

You’re doing the cleaning, you’re doing the admin, you’re trying to grow it and that’s on top of everything else in your life.

You need to build a full time income but marketing is a mystery, recruitment feels impossible and your clients don’t want to lose YOU as the cleaner.

You’re stuck, not sure what to do next and you’re wondering if it’s even worth it.

Sound familiar?

Clean Up Academy - Start & Staff Programme Overview

Master recruitment so you can build a team of reliable, trustworthy cleaners for your business

Remove yourself completely from the cleaning without losing your personal income

Learn the best marketing strategies available right now for small cleaning companies

Learn what paperwork, documents and insurance you need to stay on the right side of the law

Learn what free and lost cost software can save you time and money as you scale

Learn how to run a a small cleaning company with total confidence in the business side of the business

Proof that our clients LOVE the Start & Staff Programme


Jamie has helped me turn my window cleaning job into a window cleaning BUSINESS!

I couldn’t recommend Jamie highly enough, his knowledge on business systems, sales, marketing & strategy is top level.

Myself and my now growing team have a lot to thank him for & we will be forever grateful for his service. Thank you!

- Alex, Yorkshire Pro Window Cleaning


We always wanted to be a commercial cleaning business but didn’t know how.

Since working with Jamie we’ve moved ENTIRELY into commercial and even sold our domestic cleaning company.

Our personal income has doubled, we’ve come away from the cleaning completely and we’ve grown their hours by nearly 10x !

- Joanna, Magic Broom


I felt overwhelmed in my business, it was growing but slower than i was hoping for. I was dealing with being the boss, the admin, the supervisor and the cleaner. It was very hard to grow or do anything whilst doing every single job in the business.

Since joining I’ve come off of the tools (from working 6 DAYS A WEEK) and I’ve had record financial months.


- Cath, Sprinkle Sparkle Clean


Let’s check you’re in the right place:

😩 You’re still cleaning in your cleaning company and it’s preventing you from growing.

😩 You’re exhausted from doing so much yourself; juggling the cleaning and the admin.

😩 You want to get off of the cleaning completely and instead focus on running the business and growing the business.

Instead you want:

😃 You want to be able to make £4,000 net profit per month without doing any of the cleaning yourself

😃 To be able to work from your laptop or phone instead of exhausting yourself doing the cleaning

😃 To have better balance in your life, more energy and more time for the things that really matter

I'm Jamie

I’ve been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years starting as a cleaner in a nursing home and working my way up to being the Managing Director of Gleem in Bristol, UK. 

I’ve been working with cleaning companies as a coach and mentor since 2019. 

Since then I’ve worked with over 500 cleaning companies from all over the world – from start-ups through to cleaning companies turning over £5 million per year. 

The only thing I’ve got more experience in than cleaning is coaching. I’m an accredited coach that’s worked as a music tutor, sports coach and now business coach totalling over 20 years in coaching too – coaching is my passion.

It’s this combined cleaning and coaching experience that I’ve used with hundreds of cleaning companies to get genuinely life changing results, get them away from feeling directionless and stressed and instead have the kind of cleaning company that they dreamed about when they started.

Start & Staff Programme

£ 1000
Single Payment
  • Start & Staff Training Programme + Free Updates​
  • Template & Document Suite + Free Updates
  • Unlimited 1:1 Support via WhatsApp with Jamie
  • Fortnightly Start & Staff Coaching Sessions
  • Clean Up On LinkedIn Programme (BONUS)
  • HR & Employment Law Sessions & Support (BONUS)
  • Clean Up Academy Partner Discounts (BONUS)
  • 12 Month Strategy Session with Jamie (Optional - £250.00 extra)

Start & Staff Programme

£ 1500
(Payment Plan - £150 x10)
  • Start & Staff Training Programme + Free Updates
  • Template & Document Suite + Free Updates
  • Unlimited 1:1 Support via WhatsApp with Jamie
  • Fortnightly Start & Staff Coaching Sessions
  • Clean Up On LinkedIn Programme (BONUS)
  • HR & Employment Law Sessions & Support (BONUS)
  • Clean Up Academy Partner Discounts (BONUS)
  • 12 Month Strategy Session with Jamie (Optional - £250.00 extra)


On the pricing info above you’ll see some things have an orange tick and some have a purple tick. Anything that’s a purple tick is lifetime access and everything that’s in orange is 12 months access.

If you can dedicate 2 hours a week to working through the programme, implementing what we teach and communicating with me then you’ll make great progress.

We work with all types of cleaning companies:

Domestic, commercial, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, exterior cleaning, biohazard cleaning – you name it, we’ve worked with them. We’ve even worked with data centre cleaning companies and valeting companies!

You’ve got access to me whenever you need me on WhatsApp – you could message me 10 times a day if you wanted to! In fact, the cleaning company owners that get the best results are the ones that pick my brain, keep me updated and are asking me questions.

If you decide to go ahead with the programme you’ll have 30 days to decide if it’s for you or not.

If within that 30 days you decide for whatever reason that it’s not for you then I’ll give you a 100% refund no questions asked.