Want to scale your cleaning company but don't know what to do next?



The aim of this course is to teach you how to grow to £250,000 turnover per year and build an office team


In the first half of this training course, you will learn:


✅ Paid marketing channels

✅ Hiring a supervisor

✅ Utilising your supervisor

✅ Hiring an admin assistant

✅ Utilising your admin assistant

✅ Hiring Virtual Assistants

✅ Utilising your Virtual Assistants

✅ How to find larger opportunities and clients

✅ Niching your cleaning services for faster growth

✅ Expanding your service offering

✅ Upselling and cross selling

✅ How to sell to larger clients

✅ How to close deals with specific closing strategies

✅ Team management software

✅ Outsourcing to other cleaning companies

✅ Time management

✅ Let go and delegate

✅ Create your CCF

✅ Create your COF

✅ Full KPI tracking

✅ Essential software automation at this stage

✅ CRM system

✅ Expanding geography

✅ Expanding service offering

✅ Tenders

✅ Disciplinaries for office staff

✅ How to dismiss a member of the office team

In the second half of this training course, you will learn:


✅ Documenting systems – system extraction template

✅ Documenting IT systems

✅ Outsourcing your marketing

✅ Managing your team without micromanaging

✅ Building bullet proof systems

✅ Hiring a manager

✅ Not stepping back into the day to day to save the day

✅ Working on the company remotely

✅ Get your team reporting to you

✅ Simple, effective staff meetings