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How to Build a Thriving Cleaning Business Using A Business Coach

As a cleaning business owner, you know that success doesn’t come easy. You work hard every day to provide your customers with quality cleaning services, manage your employees, and keep your business profitable. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may feel stuck or unsure of how to take your business to the next level.

One option that many business owners turn to in this situation is hiring a business coach. A business coach can provide guidance, support, and expertise to help you achieve your goals and overcome the challenges that come with running a business. However, many cleaning business owners are hesitant to pay for a coach, thinking that it’s an unnecessary expense or that they can figure things out on their own.

Here are common reasons as why business owners are in doubt of paying for a business coach:

  1. The fear of wasting money: Business owners may worry that they will not get a return on their investment and will be throwing away money by paying for a coach.
  2. The fear of not getting results: Business owners may be concerned that they will not see any tangible improvements or positive outcomes as a result of hiring a coach.
  3. The fear of vulnerability: Business owners may feel vulnerable sharing their business concerns and problems with someone outside their organization.
  4. The fear of losing control: Business owners may feel that by seeking help from a coach, they are admitting they don’t have all the answers and could potentially lose control over their business.
  5. The fear of being judged: Business owners may worry about being judged for their decisions, past mistakes or perceived shortcomings by a coach.
  6. The fear of commitment: Business owners may feel that hiring a coach requires a long-term commitment, and they may not be ready for that level of commitment.
  7. The fear of choosing the wrong coach: Business owners may worry about selecting a coach who is not experienced, knowledgeable, or aligned with their goals and values, which could lead to a negative experience.

All your fears and hesitation are valid. 
We understand all of the factors that you are all considering before choosing a business coach and we have listed key factors to consider when evaluating potential business coaches:

  1. Experience and Expertise

The first thing to consider when choosing a business coach is their experience and expertise. You want to work with someone who has a proven track record of success in your industry and can bring a fresh perspective to your business. Look for coaches who have worked with businesses similar to yours and have a deep understanding of your industry’s unique challenges and opportunities.

  1. Coaching Style

Coaching style is another critical factor to consider when selecting a business coach. Different coaches use different techniques, and you want to find someone whose style and approach resonate with you. Some coaches take a more hands-on approach, while others provide more guidance and support from the sidelines. Consider what coaching style will work best for your personality, goals, and learning style.

  1. Communication Skills

Communication is essential when working with a business coach. You want someone who can communicate clearly and effectively, both in writing and in person. A good coach will listen carefully to your concerns, provide thoughtful feedback, and help you identify opportunities for growth and improvement. Pay attention to how coaches communicate with you during your initial conversations and interviews. If their communication style doesn’t work for you, it’s unlikely to improve over time.

  1. References and Testimonials

Always ask potential business coaches for references and testimonials from previous clients. A reputable coach should have a list of happy clients who are willing to speak to their experience working with them. Reach out to references and ask specific questions about the coach’s strengths and weaknesses, their coaching style, and how they helped the client achieve their goals.

  1. Compatibility and Trust

Finally, it’s important to choose a business coach with whom you feel compatible and can trust. You’ll be sharing sensitive information about your business with your coach, and you want someone you can confide in and build a relationship with over time.

Always carefully research potential coaches, ask for references and explore their services before making a commitment. It’s also important to remember that hiring a coach can be a positive investment in a business’s growth and development.

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The Key Secret: Hire a Reliable Business Coach

A business coach aims success for his clients and that’s what Clean Up Academy is made for, to bring out the success from high potential business owner, like YOU!

A coach provides guidance, support, and advice on how to run a successful cleaning company.

Here are some reasons why we think cleaning companies need a coach:

  1. Improve Efficiency: A cleaning coach can help a cleaning company improve its efficiency by streamlining processes, optimizing schedules, and reducing waste. A coach can also help identify areas where the company can save time and money.
  2. Better Communication: Communication is key to running a successful cleaning company. A coach can help improve communication between staff members, between the company and its customers, and between the company and its suppliers. This can help reduce misunderstandings and prevent problems from arising.
  3. Staff Training and Development: A cleaning coach can provide training and development opportunities for staff members. This can help improve their skills, increase their job satisfaction, and reduce staff turnover.
  4. Quality Control: A coach can help a cleaning company maintain high standards of quality by setting clear expectations, providing feedback and guidance, and conducting regular audits.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: A coach can help a cleaning company improve customer satisfaction by identifying areas where customers are unhappy and implementing solutions to address those issues. This can help the company retain customers and attract new ones.
  6. Business Growth: A coach can help a cleaning company develop a growth strategy, identify new opportunities, and expand its services. This can help the company increase its revenue and profitability.

Now, let’s fast forward that you have finally reached your goal of being a SUCCESSFUL CLEANING COMPANY!

Congratulations! That was a great action to trust a business coach to work on the success of your company.
It worked, it gave true results and provided you more business opportunities and growth!


That is indeed a good question!

Working with a business coach can be a transformative experience that helps you overcome obstacles, identify new opportunities, and achieve your goals. However, as a business owner, you may be wondering how long you should use a business coach. In this blog post, we’ll explore some key factors to consider when determining how long to work with a business coach.

  1. Your Goals and Needs

The first factor to consider when determining how long to use a business coach is your specific goals and needs. If you have a clear set of goals you want to achieve, it may only take a few sessions or a few months to work with a coach to achieve those goals. However, if you have broader goals or are looking for ongoing support and guidance, you may work with a coach for a longer period.

  1. Your Budget

Your budget is another important consideration when determining how long to use a business coach. Business coaches charge different rates, and some may require a longer-term commitment than others. Consider your budget and how much you’re willing to invest in coaching. Keep in mind that the return on investment for coaching can be significant, but you’ll want to balance your investment with your other business expenses.

  1. The Coach’s Expertise

The coach’s expertise is also a factor to consider when determining how long to work with them. Some coaches specialize in short-term, goal-oriented coaching, while others focus on longer-term transformational coaching. Consider the coach’s experience and expertise and how it aligns with your goals and needs. Ask for references and testimonials from other clients who have worked with the coach to get a sense of their approach and effectiveness.

  1. Your Progress and Results

Finally, consider your progress and results when working with a coach. If you’re achieving your goals and seeing positive results, you may want to continue working with the coach for a longer period. On the other hand, if you’re not seeing progress or feel that you’ve reached a plateau, it may be time to re-evaluate your coaching relationship or look for a new coach.

In conclusion, the length of time you work with a business coach depends on your goals and needs, budget, the coach’s expertise, and your progress and results. Some coaches may specialize in short-term, goal-oriented coaching, while others focus on longer-term transformational coaching. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine how long you want to work with a coach and whether they’re the right fit for you and your business. With the right coach and approach, coaching can be a powerful tool for achieving success and growth in your business.

Remember that each business owner has their own unique definition of success, which can vary based on their goals, values, and vision for their business.

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